The Q – Event Venue at Glil Yam

About Us

When you're looking for memories that last a lifetime, only the most memorable setting will do. Nestled amid the greenery and lemon groves of Kibbutz Glil Yam, the Q's lush garden creates an unforgettable ambiance that suits any occasion.

Let love blossom amid our carefully landscaped wonderland, brimming with aromatic herbs, rosebushes, and abundant greenery. Cobblestone paths wind through the verdant lawns to create a rustic yet refined atmosphere, accentuated with charming touches throughout.

A Conveniently-Located Rustic Retreat

You don’t have to travel far to feel like you're in the heart of nature. Just a short drive from Tel Aviv and Herzliya, the Q's easily-accessible prime location and easy access gives you and your guests yet another reason to celebrate. Once you enter this idyllic natural haven, you'll forget how quickly you got here. The Q provides an enchanting scenic backdrop where everyday life and concerns can simply melt away, letting you relax and enjoy the moment with your loved ones.

Perfection for Every Season

During the cooler months, guests will enjoy the best of both worlds with a stroll through the lush, blooming gardens toward a stylishly-designed indoor structure that epitomizes casual elegance. There, hot winter beverages await them alongside a roaring fireplace, evoking a cozy seasonal ambiance to warm every heart.

In the summer, our event garden opens its gates and the canopies are lifted away from the main hall, letting beautiful sunshine and starlight stream into every corner. The wedding ceremony and cocktail reception are held in verdant surroundings, providing the ultimate festive atmosphere for moments that will be treasured forever.

A Delight for the Senses

Local herbs, abundant in the Q garden, and quality Mediterranean cuisine are the primary influences on the fine menu created by Chef Amit Kaufman of Taam Ve Tzeva Catering, inspired by the luxuriant garden. Our close ties with this leading caterer ensure a contemporary culinary experience that never compromises on quality and ideally complements the Q's rustic hospitality.

Our Team

The Q's dedicated event team is made of people who are passionate about making lasting memories. We love the entire process: from hearing about your vision and planning your event together with you, to serving your guests and making sure everything goes smoothly on your special day. With our attention to every last detail, outstanding service, and unbridled enthusiasm, we promise to make your event exciting, joyful, and uniquely you.

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