The Q – Wedding Venue: Where Memories are Made

Intimate and unique
Embraced by nature
A road trip through Israel's markets
An Israeli love story
  • Welcome to the Q

Welcome to the Q

A boutique event space in Glil Yam

When you're looking for memories that last a lifetime, only the most memorable setting will do. Nestled amid the greenery and lemon groves of Kibbutz Glil Yam, the Q's lush garden creates an unforgettable ambiance that suits any occasion.

Your Conveniently-Located Rustic Retreat

You don’t have to travel far to feel like you're in the heart of nature. Just a short drive from Tel Aviv and Herzliya, the Q's easily-accessible prime location is yet another reason to celebrate.

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  • Taam Ve Tzeva

Taam Ve Tzeva

An Israeli love story

Food is one of the defining factors in the success of every event.

Your guests come from near and far to share in your special day. Give them something to remember with the sensational flavors and colors of exclusive catering by Taam Ve Tzeva… 

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Located in the heart of the fields of Kibbutz Galil Yam, just minutes away from Tel Aviv, The Q, wedding Venue in Israel, is a well-tended Mediterranean garden, with wooden levels, stone paths and blue sky.

It is far from the mess and noise of the big city, but it is accessible from anywhere in the country.

Thw Q surrounded by nature and the feeling of freedom and tranquility hangs in the air.

No wonder The Q has become one of the favorite and most loved places for couples looking for Wedding Venue near Tel Aviv to hold their wedding.

This is the place for new beginnings together.